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Pamm's House Preschoo Plans are available to download lesson plans geared toward teaching preschoolers. The plans run from September through August, with a lesson plan for every weekday. The first two weeks of September are free so you can view the plans, try them out with your group and test downloading and printing before you buy. Scroll down for sample, overview, and pricing. Also, join our Pamm's House Curriculum Facebook Group.


Note: Additional Resource Needed
100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs


Theme: Good Beginnings
Bible: Friendliness & Loyalty
Gross Motor: Throwing/Catching
Math: 1 & 2
Science: Creation, Apples, Fall
Letters: A, B, C
Social Emphasis: Friends

Theme: You Are Special
Bible: Confidence & Kindness
Gross Motor: Jumping
Math: 3 & 4, Matching
Science: Senses, Health, Safety
Letters: D, E, F
Social Emphasis: Family

Theme: Give Thanks
Bible: Sharing & Thankfulness
Gross Motor: Balance
Math: 5 & 6, Opposites
Science: Nutrition & Cooking
Letters: G, H, I
Social Emphasis: Sharing

Theme: Holidays & Christmas
Bible: Giving
Gross Motor: Locomotive Skills
Math: 7 & 8, Shapes
Science: Transportation
Letters: J & K
Social Emphasis: Giving to Others

Theme: Children of the World
Bible: Fairness & Honesty
Gross Motor: Exercising
Math: 9 & 10, Sequencing
Science: Winter Weather, Hibernation
Letters: L, M, N, O
Social Emphasis: Missions

Theme: Jobs People Do
Bible: Love & Joy
Gross Motor: Ball Handling
Math: 11 & 12, Shapes
Science: Magnets, Gears, Ramps
Letters: P, Q, R, S
Social Emphasis: Appreciation those who help us

Theme: Let's Pretend
Bible: Wisdom & Listening
Gross Motor: Running
Math: 13-15, Counting Skills
Science: Weather & Seasons
Letters: T, U, V, W
Social Emphasis: Cooperation

Theme: Every Little Growing Thing
Bible: Forgiveness & Orderliness
Gross Motor: Balance
Math: 16-20, More & Less
Science: Plants, Insects
Letters: X, Y, Z
Social Emphasis: Orderliness

Theme: Animals
Bible: Faith & Obedience
Gross Motor: Tumbling
Math: 20-25, Pattering
Science: Animals & Their Homes
Letters: Review
Social Emphasis: Taking Care of Animals
June * July * August
A more relaxed program for the summer months.

Theme: Under the Sea
Bible: Various Bible Stories
Gross Motor: Water Play
Math: Review 1-25
Science: Beaches & Oceans
Letters: Review A-Z
Social Emphasis: Rules & Manners

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