School Age

Other than my own children, I don't usually deal with school age children. I have had lots of questions of what I would do if I had them. Click Here for a sample Schedule.

I would definately include Bible as a BIG part of the day. You may be the only Bible most of the kids see. I would work on Memory Verses as well as Bible stories. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Calvary Chapel Online Bible Curriculum

    Work on the children's character with this Character Journal.

    Check your public library and your church library to see if they have any books with Bible games (either paper and pencil or group games). Ask your church if they have any old VBS or Sunday School supplies or decorations you can use.

    I like to have lots of Bibles and Bible story books on hand for every day use and some to give away. I usually check yard sales and thrift stores and buy whatever they have to offer. If a child reads the same book all the time, I give the book to the child in hopes the parents will share the Bible story book with their child and God will do His work with that family.

For educational games, check you library for books by Peggy Kaye:

Writing Prompts/Journal Topics

The First Anti-Coloring Book

Online Puzzlemaker

Field Trip Report

PE Central

Play classic card games and board games:
Crazy 8's, War, Go Fish, Checkers,
Battleship, Life, Monolopy, etc.

Okay--most of these ideas came from my Homeschooling for Little or Nothing page and there's even more ideas on that page, but may not work in a daycare setting.

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