Pamm's House History

Quality Infant & Toddler Care
In Lake Havasu City, AZ
June 1998 - October 2011

Pamm's House Child Care began in June of 1998 in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I started my own child care after working for another home child care and thinking, "I could do child care better than that" the whole time I was working. That childcare went out of business shortly after I left working there and my child care was open for over 13 years.

When I began I was very good at caring for the children, but like most new child care providers, I was naive about much of the business side of child care. I learned as I went along. I wanted to help other child care providers, so I started this website,, as a ministry to other child care providers and a place where my clients and potential clients can go to for information.

In October of 2011 Pamm's House child care doors were closed. Child care was a season in my life that has come to an end. Although I love working with children and their families, it was time to move onto a new season of life. This new season includes continuing the ministry of and I still enjoy helping other child care providers.

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