Pamm's House
Fire Prevention & Safety Inspection
Written by Pamm Clark

Once a month (usually the first or second Monday of the month) I incorporate a Fire Prevention & Safety Day. I keep a chart of dates and my initials of when we have preformed fire drills and safety inspected. Here's what's on my checklist:
Smoke Alarms: Push the button on every smoke alarm in your home to make sure they work. Dust each with a feather-duster or, better yet, vacuum each. Replace old batteries at least once-a-year--when you turn you clock back in the fall, put in fresh, high quality alkaline batteries in every smoke alarm.
Fire Extinguisher: It's reccomended to rotate the fire extinguisher monthly to keep chemical form caking. I also check the gauge for pressure.
Fire Drill: I think it's important, with young ones espically, to practice a fire drill at least once a month. If there's an emergency in which you have to evacuate, it will be routine with the children and far easier for you to gather everyone. We gather everyone including the dog and meet at the mail box.
Safety Inspection: Check flashlights for batteries and to make sure you have them where you need them. If there are minor repairs around your house that you have been putting off, now is the time to do them. Weed out and discard broken toys. Also check every outlet for safety covers. Now is the time to replace your air conditioning filter
This may seem like a lot of things to do, but after a few months, it will just take minutes to complete everything. You will also have piece of mind about the safety of your home.
Here's a Home Safety Checklist and a Fire Drill Log from Simply Daycare, but I've found it more beneficial to make my own.

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