Written by Pamm Clark

Getting Started

I know it's hard to believe, but ANYONE can homeschool. Once you've made the decision, here are some places to start:

Keep in constant prayer about your decision and for guidance.

Find other homeschoolers in your area. I suggest you seek out your local support group. Veteran homeschoolers are your best resource!

Research your state laws. (A local support group will be a big help here! Also, check out State and Local Information.)

Take the time to find out about your child's learning styles. Not all children learn the same way.

Once you know the type of learner you have, you should try to use a curriculum that fits their learning style.

Visit my Homeschool Links page to start your research by visiting the homeschooling and unit studies links.

How do I know which
curriculum to choose?

Commit your work to the Lord through prayer and follow God's lead in your planning. Be independent of men and dependent on God. Realize that you must use what works best for YOUR FAMILY.

Do a lot of research. Contact publishers and ask for a catalog and a sample. The best research on curriculum (or any aspect of homeschooling) comes from taking with established homeschoolers.

Find out your learning style and your children's learning styles. Chances are you have one of each style in your family. When choosing curriculum, look for multi-sensory products that will benefit all of your children.

Consider the factors that make up your family. What do you imagine homeschooling to look like for your family? Are you a new, seasoned, or veteran homeschooler? How much time do you have to spend on lesson plans and teaching? How many children are you teaching? What ages and stages are your children going through? Do you work at home or outside the home? Be aware that no choice has to be a permanent one as these factors will change.

Realize that it doesn't cost a lot to homeschool. Be resourceful and creative. Use the library, museums, and used books. Educational supplies can be found at yardsales. "Where God guides, He provides." (Check out my Homeschooling for Little or Nothing page.)

Remember that curriculum is only a tool. Make your curriculum work for you and don't be in bondage to any one curriculum. Vary your teaching methods and to advoid burnout, take breaks from your usual curriculum. You are the one who decides how your curriculum will be used. You can choose to skip a chapter or adjust it to meet your needs. If you alread have a curriculum, make it work.

Your motto sould be
"Make it work for everyone."

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