April -- Week 2

Note: This unit covers all different types of music
--YouTube or your local library and thrift stores are great sources for this!--
Classical, Country, Rock, Pop, Rap, Contempoary, Worship, etc.

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Making Soup--Do the first activity on this page. Dance with Bubbles: Blow bubbles as the children dance around them to music. Recite:
"Jesus loves us." Revelation 1:5


Ruth Is Kind
pages 54

Sign Language: Hug
from BabySignLanguage.com


Ruth Loves God

Ruth Loved God.
(Raise arms upward)
She loved others, too.
(Spread hands, palms up.)
I will love God
(Raise arms upward.)
And I love you.
(Hugs for everyone.)


Note: Add this section for older children. Click here for
Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: Q, R

Number: 10

Color: Gray

Shape: Oval

TUESDAY Just add Music: Play different types of music during art time, meals, snacks, outside time, etc. (be careful to NOT have the raido blaring, but play "real music". Form a Friendship Band--Everyone play a rhythm instrument and march around in the band with friends.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Ruth & Naomi lesson and crafts. Choose one or more of these Friendship Crafts to make.
THURSDAY Slow & Fast: Alternate slow and fast music. Explore slow and fast movements: tip-toe, running, swaying, jumping, etc. Drum Beat Tap a drum to a steady beat, and show children how to walk, tiptoe, run, gallop, etc. until you stop the drum.
FRIDAY Play Musical Squares: Place one carpet square for each child on the floor. Walk around squares while the music plays, and stop on a square when the music stops. Nursery Rhymes: Browse the nursery rhymes at the bottom of this page: Rhythmic Movements and use the rhymes to clap to, march to, etc. There are a lot of other good ideas on that page, too.

Oyster Crackers

Kix Cereal

Sugar Cookie "Musical Notes"

Fruit Salad

Cheese Chunks

Add Music to Activities: Play background music when you eat, nap time, art, free play, etc. Give a Music and Movement DVD a try (borrow from the library?). I've heard this one is good: A Friend Loveth
Written by Nancy Foss
Tune: "I May Never March in the Infantry"

A friend loveth at all times,
At all times, at all times,
A friend loveth at all times,
Proverbs 17:17!

Music Bag: There are so many songs and fingerplays! Print your favorite ones on index cards and keep in a brightly colored gift bag after each song is introduced. When there is a bit of free time, either you or a child picks a card from the bag and that is the song or finger play to sing.

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