Daycare Curriculum Possibilities
Written by Pamm Clark

This subject for daycare providers can be frustrating! We don't have a lot of spare time or money, yet we need a quality program for the children that's ready to go.

I have searched and searched and searched. I care for children two years and under and it's tough to find something for that age with lots of easy, hands-on activities. When I did finally find something, the cost was too high and it required lots of planning.

I got to thinking and researching and decided to put together my own Toddler Curriculum (yes, it's still lots of planning on my part, but now that it's done, I won't have to do it again!). I've gathered easy, hands-on ideas and putting them in one spot with a full year of ideas (not just 9 months! Daycare providers work year-round).

Here's my Weekly Toddler Curriculum
Monthly Preschool Curriculum
& Preschool Lesson Plans

For less structure in super busy times, try my: Plan B Curriculum

Click Here for Planning Ideas.